Increase Sales With Video Commercials!

Charlton Jocson

7/24/20212 min read

Product Video Commercials are a powerful marketing tool that can help you increase your sales. Product videos have always been around, but they've become the go-to format for companies looking to advertise their products and generate more leads on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram in recent years. Product Video Commercials can be a huge asset to your Product Marketing Strategy. Product videos have been found to increase sales by as much as 23%. Product Videos are also known for their ability to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates, which means more potential customers will convert and buy from you.


Video Commercials are also an excellent tool to help you rank better on Google. Product Videos increase your chances of ranking higher in YouTube and Google's search engine, which will incentivize more traffic to come from these sources. It also offers a great way for potential customers to learn what your product is about without actually having to read the description or go through any other kind of research process when they're looking at it online.


Many research studies also show significant positive results for companies who use videos for their advertising strategy. According to a 2021 survey from Wyzowl, 84% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads. And a whopping 87% of businesses say that they got a positive ROI using videos. The Wyzowl study also found that marketers who use video with their content marketing strategy report higher engagement rates than those who don't. Brafton reports how consumers are three times more likely to purchase a product online after watching a product demo.

What this means for your company: if you're looking to increase sales, why not take advantage of the positive research studies on video marketing strategy? Product videos can help generate leads and increased conversions for your business!

Audience Engagement

Product Videos also allow you to connect with your audience in a more personal way. Product Video Commercials are an investment that will produce great results for any Product Marketing Strategy and should not be overlooked, even if they seem like too much work or too expensive at first glance. Product video commercials can be done on many different budgets, so it is less of an expense than other marketing methods but has a greater return on investment.

Social Media Performance

Video content outperforms text and still images on most social media platforms today, including Instagram, due to their higher engagement rates. A study by Buzzsumo found that posts containing videos received 159% more likes than those with photos. It goes to show how powerful product video commercials can be as part of a marketing strategy. With this type of ROI from product video commercials, it is important to begin investing before competitors catch up!

We Got You Covered

With all that being said, our team can help your business by creating top-tier video commercials that best represent your products and brand identity. Additionally, we will donate 20-30% of our profit to charity because our goal is to reach your market and help out those who are less fortunate

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